Date Artist City Venue Country
05/26/15 TROPHY BOYFRIENDS K.A.B.F. 88.3fm Benefit Show Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 10:00pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. https://www.facebook.com/thetrophyboyfriends?fref=ts
05/28/15 MIKE AND THE MOONPIES w/ SWAMPBIRD Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: $7. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.themoonpies.com

For the past seven years, Mike and the Moonpies have been making a name for themselves as Austin Texas’ premier honky tonk band. With the growing regional popularity of their 2012 release “The Hard Way,” radio single of the same name, and a non-stop regional touring schedule, they have recently taken the entire Texas music scene by storm. The Moonpies have delivered some of the most memorable performances in recent years in venues like Gruene Hall and Luckenbach TX, and have gained a cult like following in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and throughout the midwest.

With tales of their on and off stage antics, genuine songwriting, and dedication to playing real country music spreading like wildfire, The Moonpies are on the path to becoming a household name in Texas music and beyond.

Swampbird is a foot-stomping folk-rock five piece out of Little Rock, Arkansas. After starting off in the living room of a college apartment, they’ve spent spent the past 3 years building their sound and their fan base with countless live shows. From wall-smashing house shows to premiere music clubs, these guys have spread their brand of whiskey-spilling, youthful rock’n’roll all over the midsouth. Swampbird recorded On Being Alone in an old shotgun house on Magazine St. in New Orleans. The album was released in May of 2013 on Bear America Records to great reviews; music writer Shea Stewart describes Swampbird as, “Some dreamy psychedelic rock. A touch of freewheeling roots and earthy country,” and says that the record “doesn’t contain a single weak moment.” Since that release, they have worked tirelessly to develop new material that captures their growth as a band as well as their commitment to raw, energetic performance and are currently working on an album to be released fall of 2014 Some of the artists we have shared stages with: American Aquarium, Drive-By Truckers, Truth & Salvage Co., Ben Kweller, Wussy, Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy, Jonathan Tyler, Adam Faucett, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Murder by Death, Larry & His Flask, Sons of Bill, Banditos,, Paul Thorn, Sonny Burgess & The Legendary Pacers
05/29/15 ADAM FAUCETT Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.adamfaucett.com

“Nothing can prepare you for the sound that comes out of his mouth when he sings—or bellows—his stellar songwriting. It is a soulful power beyond belief.” -Paste Magazine

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, and possessing a voice that the Onion A.V. Club warns “knocks your brain into the back of your skull”, Adam Faucett has drawn comparisons from Tim Buckley to Cat Power to Otis Redding.

Called “one of the greatest, most thoughtful lyricists the state has to offer.” (Arkansas Times) Faucett has again pushed the borders of his “part folk, part blues, part elemental rock stomp, part unidentifiable cosmic holler” (Arkansas Democrat Gazette) with the release Blind Water Finds Blind Water, a record of his most arresting and beautiful songs to date.

Faucett began performing solo in 2006 when the demise of Russellville, AR band Taught the Rabbits pushed him toward Chicago. He returned to Arkansas in 2007 to record his first solo album The Great Basking Shark, and began touring nationally. 2008’s Show Me Magic, Show Me Out followed, featuring Faucett’s band, The Tall Grass. A relentless touring schedule has led to shows with Jason Isbell, Damien Jurado, Chuck Ragan, and Lucero.
05/30/15 KEVIN GORDON & ISAAC ALEXANDER ( Full band ) Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://kg.kevingordon.net

Think of John Lee Hooker tied to the hard, imagistic poetry of William Carlos Williams, and you get a little bit of an idea. It’s something like trance blues, I suppose – but then you encounter the tangled, complex story lines of ‘Colfax’ or ‘Trying to Get to Memphis’ or ‘Bus to Shreveport.’ There really is no way to sum it up neatly – you just have to listen. And listen again. For the pure emotional pleasure of it. For the unmistakable, hard-driving passion of words and music, rocking together in rhythm.” Gordon’s previous release, “o Come Look at the Burning” – climbed to the Top 10 on the Americana radio chart, and continues to receive significant airplay at XM/Sirius satellite radio. The album made several year-end Top Albums lists as well. Playboy magazine says, “Kevin Gordon’s ‘O Come Look At The Burning’ may be the least classifiable of the [Nashville Underground] lot but perhaps the best, with a strange assortment of swamp rock, blues and literate lyrics.” The opening track from the Burning record, “Watching the Sun Go Down”, was recently licensed for use in the new HBO series, True Blood. The title track of Kevin’s 2000 Shanachie Records release, “Down to the Well”- a duet with Lucinda Williams, was featured on both the Oxford American Music issue CD and on No Depression: What It Sounds Like, Vol. 1 compilation, released by Dualtone Records. Gordon’s songs have been recorded by Keith Richards, Levon Helm, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Irma Thomas, Webb Wilder, Kate Campbell, and others. His recordings are featured in major motion picture soundtracks and in national advertising campaigns. Raised in north Louisiana and currently based in Nashville, Kevin earned a master’s degree in poetry from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Alexander, a multi-talented musician from Little Rock, recently released his latest album, “Antivenin Suite” (Max Recordings), which has been described as laidback rock. His last solo record, “See Thru Me,” ranked No. 6 on the Arkansas Times Music Poll’s best Arkansas albums list. Joining him for this performance are: Jason Weinheimer, guitar; Chris Michaels, bass; Will Boyd, drums; and Rob Bell, keys. Members of Alexander’s longtime band Big Silver are also featured. They include: Brad Williams, guitar; Mike Nelson, bass; and Bart Angel, drums.
06/02/15 GHASTLY MENACE Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:00pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.ghastlymenace.com

Chicago’s Ghastly Menace specialize in soaring orchestral pop, music that reveals hidden layers the more that you listen to it. They certainly take inspiration from their indie-rock forefathers like Grizzly Bear and Spoon, but they work within a formula that remains appealing and allows the band ample room to experiment and mess around with their sound. “Closing” is the slick lead single from their upcoming debut record and it’s a rippling track with some killer harmonies. Take a listen below. –Stereogum
06/05/15 MOJO DEPOT 30th Anniversary Show Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.reverbnation.com/mojodepot

·Mojo Depot began some two decades ago when Jason Adams (drums), Tyndall Jackson (guitar and vocals), Rob Moore (vocals and guitar) and John “Johnny-B” Wright (bass and vocals) got together under the name The Loose Change, performing at clubs that included the White Water Tavern. After a few years, the band moved to the Bay Area and then to Los Angeles, where a debut CD, Phantom Train, had its beginnings. A new name emerged, Mojo Depot, and the group traveled and wrote more music, which became the next CD, Crazy to Believe. For a time, the band was a coast-to-coast phenomenon, with Moore living in Berkeley, Calif., and Jackson attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Eventually, the two rejoined their Arkansas pals and began recording off-and-on in Arkansas City, where they could work in seclusion, away from the temptations of the big city of Little Rock. Like the “band of brothers” theyconsider themselves, Mojo Depot has opened shows for The Allman Brothers Band, The Neville Brothers and The Cate Brothers.
06/06/15 THE SEE ( Final Show ) w/ The Uh Huhs Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.reverbnation.com/thesee

Fitting into no immediately recognizable category, and perhaps as much in step with their New York and L.A. counterparts as with their Little Rock brethren, the See create cathartic pop rock anthems with sing-along choruses that don’t let you go. The See’s first full length album, Pretending and Ending, will be released March 24, 2012 on the band’s own label.

Calling to mind bands as disparate as Joy Division, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Built to Spill, with obvious referencing to hallowed Little Rock heroes Ho-hum, the See have been carving out their own space on Little Rock’s music scene since 2008 when childhood friends Joe Yoder and Dylan Yelenich formed the band. St. Louis transplant Tyler Nance joined later that year when he overheard Yelenich and Yoder discussing over a beer their need for a drummer on Nance’s first day in town.
06/09/15 The Alpha Ray & Ghost Bones Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: Donations. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://thealpharay1.bandcamp.com

06/11/15 RAH hoWARD LIVE: IN MY TIME ALBUM RELEASE SHOW Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:00pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.thehowardexperience.com/

Other performing acts include:

SA SoloAct
Osyrus Bolly
Southwest Boaz
Ill Bill
Chris TheJourney James
SeanFresh West

Rah Howard, Howard Experience, Arkansas Rap, Arkansas Hip hop, Little Rock, Musician, Photography,Videography, Producer Soulful emcee, hip-hop artist and extreme musical-talent Rah hoWard comes from a modest beginning and made the most out of every moment throughout his entire journey, life-experience and music-career. Growing up in his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas born the son of a local blues-musician; Rah hoWard began to discover his own connection to music early on and his incredible ability to connect to people through music. With a preacher as a grandfather – he took in powerful sermons and learned through watching these moving speeches, that words can truly mean everything if the person saying, speaking or singing them has the passion, conviction and true-belief in what they’re communicating. Taking the best qualities of these two family-inspirations, Rah hoWard began to experiment and combine these dynamic assets into his own music – his best form of communication. Heavily invested in all aspects of the music-industry and outworking the rest in a bid to become the very best; this charismatic & captivating lyrical-poet has taken charge of the direction of his music and career, driving it all forward and straight to the top of the charts. Producing, writing, creating, recording his music in addition to bringing it all together over the m-i-c; Rah hoWard has earned his well-established reputation for musical-excellence both onstage and in the studio.

Currently Rah hoWard is getting ready to record more incredibly vibrant and exotic beats & rhymes for release in 2015. Riding the buzz of national, well-deserved attention for his music from media-sources like MTV.com, allhiphop.com, Shade 45 Radio & many more – Rah hoWard is set to bring his hip-hop straight to the people and ready to change the entire musical landscape of 2015 with something that is audibly- unmistakable for anything else other than wildly dynamic music that is truly new and truly exciting.
06/12/15 THE KYLE SOWASHES Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.reverbnation.com/thekylesowashes

Normally, naming a band after oneself is a shallow stroke of ego (e.g., Steve Miller, Bob Seger), but for Kyle Sowash, it couldn’t be any other way. After slaving over a decade’s worth of unrecognized lo-fi indie anthems, he deserves a complete, full-throttle band to flesh out his earnest ballads and scrappy pop songs. The Kyle Sowashes are a supergroup of sorts, composed of four dynamic players assembled from formidable Ohio bands such as 84 Nash, Sun God and SPD GVNR, but each is channeling a little Kyle Sowash on “Nobody”. Recorded in February 2010 in snowy Cincinnati, Ohio by former Afghan Whigs bassist John Curley, “Nobody”‘s ten songs are straight out of the indie rock cookbook. Tracks like the propulsive “Rough Week” and “Blast From the Past” are fortified with extra heft and sonic vision, but they retain the goofy charm and sharp hooks that have defined Sowash’s career. Sowash readily admits his debt to indie rock’s golden age–“Nobody” is a study in the work of bands such as Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, Silkworm and Guided by Voices–but he draws on those influences judiciously. In other words, this is no tribute album. While “Can’t Make Up my Mind” and “I Would Like To Speak To Yr Manager” will certainly signal a nostalgic flag, the themes are distinctly Columbus, distinctly Kyle Sowash. This album makes getting older and longing for the mid-’90s sound fun… It’s time to get your beard ready again.
06/20/15 THE MEMPHIS DAWLS Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://thememphisdawls.com

The Memphis Dawls are known as the crowning jewel of the Memphis folk scene. The core group is made up of three veteran musicians who have played with several successful local bands. Brought together by their similar tastes in melody and style, and maybe a slight nod from fate, Holly Cole (guitars, vocals) Jana Misener (cello, vocals), and Krista Wroten (viola, mandolin, accordion, vocals) deliver hauntingly romantic and lyrical folk music with a modern flare.

The themes of the band’s music tend to lean toward the power of love and heartache, just like their musical mentors: Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Their harmonies and music push folk, country and rock through the filter of southern hymns. Religious only in the context of their dedication to their respective crafts, they deliver a unique and hypnotizing sound that jumps from genre to genre. The Dawls are not afraid to be inventive, exploring soundscapes ranging from complex vocal harmonies similar to bands like Fleet Foxes to the more complex string arrangements of The Decemberists.
07/07/15 WHISKEY SHIVERS Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:00pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://whiskeyshivers.com

“Austin’s Whiskey Shivers are bluegrass-fueled Americana for a generation that grew up listening to punk rock. This group of 20somethings plays banjos, fiddles and washboards at breakneck speeds while singing high, lonesome harmonies about love and video games.” – Washington Post

“Austin-based bluegrass rock band the Whiskey Shivers, forced Ashton Kutcher into a hug…. Whiskey Shiver’s – incredible show” – L.A Weekly

“Chops away at traditional bluegrass constraints with a mischievous cleaver, mixing in shadows of Delta swamps and New Orleans basements… the fierce inertia of Old Crow Medicine Show, the ramshackle folk punch of Felice Brothers and the punk energy of a pre-sobriety Deer Tick.” – Rolling Stone

“They’ve been killing it in Austin for a few years now. They have that spirit of busking, that punk spirit of ‘let’s lay it on the line, let’s play our instruments hard and messy and just have a great time.'” – Ann Powers, NPR World Café
07/16/15 Landlady Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://landlady.bandcamp.com

Landlady is the Brooklyn-born brainchild of Adam Schatz, a vision completed by Mikey Freedom Hart, Ian Chang, Ian Davis, and Booker Stardrum. Their new album, Upright Behavior, is out on Hometapes on July 15, 2014

“the band has an intimate urgency that uncrosses arms and impels involvement, and their sound invokes the Band if they had Dirty Projectors’ skewed sense of song structure.” – Pitchfork

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