Date Artist City Venue Country
02/28/15 Rodney Block & The Real Music Lovers Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: $10. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.reverbnation.com/rodneyblocktherealmusiclovers

Rodney Block, a Dumas native who has been thriving in the local music scene for the past couple of years will release his long anticipated album, Outside the Box, in mid-June. Block, a trumpeter who has been featured and performed in various venues across the region ranging from corporate to social, has built a niche in the genres of jazz and hip hop. Notable artists he has shared the stage with include Dwele, Jonathan Butler, Dave Hollister, Wynton Marsalis, and Eric Roberson. In 2007, Block’s televised jazz feature, AETN Presents: Front Row with Rodney Block, was nominated for a Regional Emmy. Block’s backing unit, The Real Music Lovers, features Oliver Thomas (bass), Sam Carroll (piano), and Michael Chandler (drums).
03/03/15 William Blackart w/ Peace Boner & Fiscal Spliff Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: $5. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.williamblackart.com

” William Blackart, one of Arkansas’ most criminally under exposed and great songwriting talents. ” – The Arkansas Times
03/05/15 The Whole Famn Damily Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: $5. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Whole-Famn-Damily/1385931808295305

Though not related by blood, The Whole Famn Damily is a tightly-knit collective of musicians who draw their familial connections from the sweat and tears they pour into their music. Judging from their well-blended harmonies, you might think there were at least some cousins in the mix, but their sound has more to do with shared geographical genes than actual DNA. TWFD’s members hail from all across the Ozarks, and it’s evident in their sound. At times rollicking like a moonshine-soaked hoedown or as delicate as a siren call from some dark hollow, this band is definitely rooted in the old traditions from the mountains. But they are not afraid to incorporate the regional or international sounds from the deltas of the Mississippi, the Danube, or the Ganges, either. A sitar, a string section, a slide guitar – check. A banjo, a mandolin, a suitcase that doubles as a stomp box – yep. A guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, accordion, and who knows what else is in the mix, too. They not only pick up on the sounds of the musicians traveling the interstate between Austin, Memphis, and Nashville; they also pick up any instrument that might fall off the back of the truck! So what do they sound like? Americana? Country? Some sort of hipster nonsense? Well, as they like to put it, “Folkestra” – the perfect portmanteau to describe their crazy blend of music right from the heart of the Ozark Plateau.
03/06/15 CEDELL DAVIS RECORD RELEASE SHOW Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: $10. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. We are honored to welcome Mr. CEDELL DAVIS back to the stage to celebrate the release of his brand new record, Last Man Standing. Cedell will be backed by Brethren featuring Barrett Martin of The Screaming Trees & Jimbo Mathus. Friday, March 6. $10


Cedell Davis was born Ellis Davis on June 9, 1927, in Helena, then a booming river town on the Arkansas bank of the Mississippi. He grew up there and in the upper Mississippi Delta around eight miles south of Tunica, on the E.M. Hood plantation, where his brother lived. Together with one of his childhood friends, Isaiah Ross (future Sun recording artist Dr. Ross the Harmonica Boss), Cedell began playing blues, first harmonica, then some guitar. Then tragedy struck — during his ninth and tenth years he grappled with severe polio. He returned to Helena, to his mother, who was locally renowned as a healer, though she worked as a cook, and there he began the painful process of relearning, in fact rethinking the guitar, which he could no longer play in the conventional manner. “It took me about three years,” he recalls. “I was right- handed, but I couldn’t use my right hand, so I had to turn the guitar around; I play left-handed now. But I still needed something to slide with, and my mother had these knives, a set of silverware, and I kinda swiped one of ‘em.” This was the beginning of a guitar style that is utterly unique, in or out of blues. The knife-handle on the strings produces uneven pressure, which results in a welter of metal-stress harmonic transients and a singular tonal plasticity. Some people who hear CeDell’s playing for the first time think it’s out of tune, but it would be more accurate to say he plays in an alternative tuning. Because the way he hears and plays intervals and chords is consistent and systematic. Cedell began playing around the Delta as a young man, and over the years he continued to work in some of the world’s most dangerous dives. Somehow he learned to project a kind of presence that defuses violence, keeping him miraculously whole amid raging chaos. There is something Buddah-like about that presence, a sense of having learned to deal with a physically violent world with his mind. It also enables him to compose and sequence verses for new songs on the spot and hold them in his memory for as long as necessary. Over the years Cedell has played in Southern juke joints with a number of other musicians. His most significant and longest-lasting association was with the great Robert Nighthawk, who was considered the Delta’s finest slide guitarist by no less an authority than Muddy Waters. They worked together for ten years straight, roughly 1953-’63, trading off “bassing” and lead duties song by song. During the early part of his time with Nighthawk, Cedell was based in St. Louis, where he got to know Big Joe Williams, Charlie Jordan, J.D. “Jelly Jaw” Short, and other leading lights. But during the last part of 1957, he was badly injured in a St. Louis tavern, when an apparent police raid caused a massive stampede. Before that, CeDell could at least walk on crutches. But his legs were broken in so many places during the stampede that he has been largely confined to a wheelchair ever since. On June 5, 1961, he “came back home to play.” At first he was based in Helena, but after he secured a regular gig with Nighthawk at the Jack Rabbit (later the Jungle Hut) in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, he settled there, and there he remains. Pine Bluff’s other claims to fame include a massive U.S. Government chemical and biological warfare research and storage facility, located nearby; and according to CeDell’s song, “If You Like Fat Women,” there are “more fat women there than any place I ever saw.” Many listeners find CeDell difficult: his sense of time, his sense of structure, that timing–not to mention his lyrics. CeDell is a remarkable communicator, and quite possible the greatest hard core vocalist around.

– Robert Palmer
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03/07/15 The Frontier Circus Record Release Show w/ Marvin Berry Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: $7. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. https://www.facebook.com/frontier.circus?fref=ts


Marvin Berry is the new rock n roll band fronted by Andy Warr and backed by Will Boyd, Chris Michaels, and Dave Hoffpauir.
03/09/15 Leon Bridges Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: $7. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.leonbridges.com

A little soul for your Saturday afternoon. What we know about Leon Bridges is that he’s from Fort Worth, Texas and that he brings gospel-tinged soul that feels like it’s coming to us from another decade. It’s proof that there’s a difference between sounding old and sounding timeless. Leon’s music may sound like the ’50s, but that doesn’t make it feel any less powerful today.
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03/10/15 Root Seller Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: Donations. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. https://www.facebook.com/rootseller

03/13/15 Bombay Harambee 7 inch Release Show w/ Faux Ferocious & Ghost Bones Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 10:00pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. https://www.facebook.com/events/1048040325228419/

On Friday, March 13th we’ll be back home! That night we’re playing a release show at The White Water Tavern with Faux Ferocious and Ghost Bones.

Eerie garage/post-punk/evil rock n’ roll at the White Water for Friday the 13th!

Bombay Harambee (Little Rock, AR) http://bombayharambee.bandcamp.com/

Faux Ferocious (Nashville, TN) https://fauxferocious.bandcamp.com/

GHOST BONES (Hot Springs, AR) https://hearghostbones.bandcamp.com/releases
03/16/15 Elise Davis w/ Adam Faucett Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:00pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.elisedavis.com

In March of 2013, Elise signed her first publishing deal with Horipro Entertainment in Nashville, TN. “Where most artists wear their heart on their sleeve, Elise Davis wears hers in her emotionally-packed voice. The Little Rock native is making waves in Nashville’s music scene after winning American Songwriter’s “The Pub Contest” — a hefty publishing deal with HoriPro Entertainment — which was judged by artists like Holly Williams and Hunter Hayes earlier this month. The year-long deal will be the first venture into co-writing for the solo-singer, who has written all of her previous efforts, and was honored to have been selected for the opportunity. Often drawing comparisons to the likes of Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams, Davis’ music has captured the attention of more than just those invested in the contest.” -NASHVILLE LIFESTYLES 5/30/13

“Nothing can prepare you for the sound that comes out of his mouth when he sings—or bellows—his stellar songwriting. It is a soulful power beyond belief.” -Paste Magazine

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, and possessing a voice that the Onion A.V. Club warns “knocks your brain into the back of your skull”, Adam Faucett has drawn comparisons from Tim Buckley to Cat Power to Otis Redding.

Called “one of the greatest, most thoughtful lyricists the state has to offer.” (Arkansas Times) Faucett has again pushed the borders of his “part folk, part blues, part elemental rock stomp, part unidentifiable cosmic holler” (Arkansas Democrat Gazette) with the release Blind Water Finds Blind Water, a record of his most arresting and beautiful songs to date.
03/17/15 J Kutchma Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://jkutchma.com

03/20/15 DYSE w/ Felix Martin & Colour Design Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: $7. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. https://www.facebook.com/events/727973833983444/

DYSE: German noisy punk rock duo transport heavy rhythmic noise in a raw and bone-dry sound. Timeless and real,they switch between German and English language, lyrical crankiness and dirty musical excess

Felix Martin: an ambidextrous, Venezuelan-born guitarist who moved to America after winning a scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee School of Music. Felix is pushing music into new boundaries by mixing Metal with different styles such as Jazz, Progressive, World, Latin, Fusion, etc. Although his style is mostly called Progressive Metal, he is often cataloged as Jazz Metal, as he sometimes writes straight ahead Jazz mixed with Metal. Felix uses his self-designed 14-string guitars, which are two regular guitars in one, standard guitar. Felix created a completely new way of playing the electric guitar by performing simultaneously with two of them as if was one guitar. This opens up a new and hidden world of the electric guitar. Felix pioneered this style of playing at the age of 13, and as of 2014, he remains the only one in the world who plays this way.

Colour Design: a new heavy local band featuring members of The Sound of the Mountain, Mainland Divide, and vocalist Shawn Hood of God City Destroyers, making their debut performance.
03/25/15 Daniel Romano w/ The Banditos & Swampbird Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:00pm. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://www.danielromanomusic.com
>Br> Enter Daniel Romano, a songwriter who delivers mosey croonin’ and hard luck storytelling. While references to marquee names like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard are apparent in Romano’s music, the obvious influences certainly don’t demystify his talent. Romano works with equal parts authenticity and creativity, and his musical world is rich with archetypes and archrivals, wry observations and earnest confessions. Romano’s solo debut, Workin’ For The Music Man (2010) announced a new artistic bearing. The follow-up, Sleep Beneath The Willow, was pure honky tonk poetry, and again received impressive response from all corners. The “dreamy homage to a bygone country-music era” (Globe & Mail) made the Polaris Long List, and solidified Romano’s reputation as a solo artist. Come Cry With Me furthers his Mosey aesthetic, musical and visual. Again self-produced and played, for the most part, by himself, Romano’s new album continues with themes of bad choices, hard times, boozing and losing. Amidst the tales of woebegone orphans, family knots and broken hearts, there are spoken word yarns that recall Hank Williams-as-Luke The Drifter. Romano’s deep rumbling baritone vocal dips serve, conversely, to lighten the mood, leaving no doubt that this artist knows how to deliver a punch line.

ack in March 2014 we saw Nashville-via-Birmingham, AL group Banditos at one of those fly-by-night, hole-in-the-wall bars that sprout like skunkweed on Sixth Street in Austin, TX during the height of SXSW crazy. The only other patrons were Bud Light-swilling bros watching a blowout college basketball game; the sound system at this place was a painful mix of all treble and reverb; and the noises oozing out of the PA during another band’s set were not unlike the distorted echoes of the soundtrack to Suspiria (and not in a good way). We wish we were kidding. Then the six-piece Banditos took the stage, and even though they themselves were a little intimidating – all hair, denim, and stoic determination – the sounds they managed to conjure from two overworked speakers were fresh, raw, and spectacular. We were instantly blown away and are thrilled to announce Banditos have signed with Bloodshot Records and will release a new album in spring 2015. With the rugged power of a flashy Super Chief locomotive, the Banditos bodaciously appropriate elements of ’60s blues-fused acid rock, ZZ Top’s jangly boogie, the Drive-By Truckers’ yawp, the populist choogle of CCR, Slim Harpo’s hip shake baby groove, gut bucket Fat Possum hill country mojo and the Georgia Motherfucking Satellites. From backwoods bluegrass, to slinky nods to Muscle Shoals soul and unexpected bits of doo-wop sweetness, the Banditos recall many, but sound like no one but themselves. – Bloodshot Records
03/27/15 BILLY JOE SHAVER w/ John Moreland Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $25. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. Last Chance Records and The White Water Tavern are proud to present BILLY JOE SHAVER live on March 27, 2015! Get your tickets early as this will be a sold out show. John Moreland opens!



Billy Joe Shaver has never been a household name, but his songs became country standards during the ’70s and his reputation among musicians and critics has remained legendary throughout the ensuing decades.

All Music Guide lists 23 albums, from 1973’s Old Five & Dimers Like Me through 2007’s Everybody’s Brother. Among his many classic songs are “I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I’m Gonna Be a Diamond Some Day),” “Honky Tonk Heroes,” “Georgia on a Fast Train,” “Live Forever,” “Tramp on Your Street,” and “Try and Try Again.”

In 1999, Shaver was invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. In 2005, Billy Joe Shaver performed on CMT Outlaws. In 2006, he was inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. He recently served as spiritual advisor to Texas independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman and his 2007 album Everybody’s Brother was nominated for a GRAMMY. For his efforts, the Americana Music Association awarded him their Lifetime Achievement Award in Songwriting.

Shaver is truly one of the most respected living figures in American music. His songs have been cut by Elvis, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and many others. Bob Dylan, who rarely covers other writers, often plays Billy Joe‘s “Old Five And Dimers Like Me” in concert and Johnny Cash called him “my favorite songwriter.” The Washington Post noted, “when the country outlaws were collecting their holy writings, Billy Joe Shaver was carving out Exodus.”

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04/09/15 Amy LaVere Little Rock, AR The White Water Tavern United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: $7. Address: 2500 West 7th Street 72205. Venue phone: (501) 375-8400. http://amylavere.com

Amy LaVere, born Amy Fant, is an American singer, songwriter, upright bass player and actress based in Memphis, Tennessee. Her music is classified as Americana, combining a blend of classic country, gypsy jazz, and southern soul. She has released three albums on Memphis label Archer Records, and has acting credits in motion pictures.

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